6 Week Countdown

June 21, 2018

Can’t help but #throwback whilst I continue moving forward .. ????????‍♀️????

So it begins, the final countdown, na, na, na, na

Ok, on a serious note I'm flying away from the things I have spent most of my entire life trying to build and then maintain. Everything I have known, I am, was is all here, but I have decided to leave it all, family, friends, job, lifestyle on what was essentially a very spontaneous but huge life changing decision.

Some people did question, "just checking in" to see if I was ok and making the right choice for myself. Then there was the pearls of wisdoms, the divides of their opinions and the reassuring "you'll be alright".

The scale of what I was doing had already been taken into account, hence tackling all that life admin, talking it through with those close to me, but it didn't really feel real until now. In less than 3 months I had putt that pin in everything native to me, packed up my entire life into storage so I can fly to the other side of the world in pursuit of adventure, freedom and creativity.

Is this the best or worst decision I have made in my life?

Well, there's only one way to find out!

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