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August 15, 2018

She'll be right ..

Ok so this popular expression I am told is used in #australia to emphasise their laidback attitude to life - “It will be ok". And I have to admit; two weeks ago I had some serious trouble with approaching this ideology within the first few days of being here. Never would I have imagined being really homesick and truly feeling separate from my life in the UK. And to top It off, experiencing the displeasure of having the airline mishandling my luggage and leaving me siloed and vulnerable for days, wondering If I had made a mistake in taking such a #lifestyle risk! •

Fortunately I have #travel insurance, but the experience had left me mentally and emotionally exhausted (hence not being able to actually post for a while). Luckily I found sanctuary via @airbnb in what I can only describe is an awesomely located modern #penthouse meets #yoga #heaven. With the passing of time I stretched, realigned and mediated whilst admiring the picturesque cityscape from dawn to dusk. I have since rambled about #melbournethrough the guidance of friends and kind recommendations whilst encountering unique experiences to reignite my inspiration… so everything will be all right!

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