Rainbow Beach

October 8, 2018

✵ “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” - Ralph Waldo Emerson ????????‍♀️

So 9 weeks ago I packed up my entire London life, said my goodbyes and boarded a plane to a far away island to seek the next epic adventure! ????????

Having not anticipated the initial journey would test me, from the airline overcharging me for excess baggage to the long haul flight itself and of course there’s the lost baggage saga!

Now I can’t forget the first few days in Melbourne trying to overcome the trauma of my journey, thinking of what I’d left behind, and if I’d made the right decision in leaving the UK. My override was the “happy tourist” within me exploring the city’s culture, weather and befriending the wonderful people within it, which then lead me to the next location of this Aussie adventure.

Sydney being that springboard for the “whirlwind weeks” of arriving, living, meeting and greeting, working, celebrating, travelling and now we can add planning for more travelling to that! It’s funny now I look back and see how the opportunities and challenges that came my way, and I chose to engage with them.

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