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October 13, 2018

✵ On the move ????????‍♂️????

So this time next week i’ll be moving to my new #abode in another suburb of #Sydney! Funnily enough everyone starts moving around here in Sydney to in time for the warmer months - a.k.a - beach season and more outdoor activities! ????????‍♀️????

Strangely this reminded me of one of my #expat friends comparing such move to the “whale migration” whilst hiking and we were lucky to spot a humpback mother #whale with her calf swimming nearby! ????????

I managed to get a quick snippet on film - was so amazing! •
FACT: It’s still whale migration season here (May - November) they travel from the cool arctic waters of #Antartica along the #NSW coastline - so the east coast is a #whalewatching hotspot - towards the warmer waters #TheGreatBarrierReef ????

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