Flying Sky High off Coronet Peak

July 1, 2019

Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

- Ibn Battuta

I've always been an adventurous spirit, travelling into the unknown, getting lost in a deep sense of travel euphoria and incredible wanderlust. But, as far as my adventurous nature goes, it is quite questionable. 

Looking back "literally" I never would have thought I'd be brave enough to climb up the side of a mountain and jump off its peak whilst being strapped to a stranger! ???? ????


I can tell you for sure that New Zealand definitely changed that. ????????

On my first paragliding experience, it was the heart of winter, so I mustered up all my courage and prepared myself physically for what was one of the most spine-chilling experiences in my entire life! 


But, what I got in return was way more than I bargained for! This tandem paragliding experience was so exhilarating - taking a leap of faith! 

With a majestic view of Otago's snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and rugged peninsula sheltering sandy beaches, this was by far the most exciting and beautiful experiences yet. I was in complete awe with the immense ariel views I got to experience, not forgetting that I nearly caused my paragliding instructor to lose his hearing due to my incessant and excited screams! ????

As someone who visited New Zealand, I can say without a doubt that it has SO MUCH to offer. 


So, once this pandemic is over, take a leap of faith and venture off to a new city or country, you never know what exciting adventure awaits you!

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