Iridescent memory lane

September 2, 2019

This illuminated passage northwest of #Shinjuku Station named Omoide Yokocho 思い出横丁 “Memory Alley”, is historic for its abundance of tiny yakitori shacks and #izakaya eateries lined side by side, serving everything from ramen, sushi, soba to kushiyaki, yakitori, nabe and more.

Also known under its more characteristic nickname “Piss Alley” 小便横丁 dating back to late 1940s, this Tokyo hotspot still harbours its rebellious origins and vibrant atmosphere, so it continues to draw #foodie lovers from all over the world, eager to squeeze inside to explore the authentic #Japanese delights.


From 5pm, this district hotspot greets locals and tourists alike “Irasshaimase” いらっしゃいませ meaning “welcome” or “come on in”.

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