Taste of OSAKA

February 9, 2020
Behind me is the Glico running man who has been shining bright over the Dotombori canal in for more than 80 years. 

Such a unique flavour… This metropolis differs in vibe but bustles alike the country's capital Tokyo. With its beaming bright lights we rambled around this vibrant wonderland to see, smell and savour the “must try” street food delights.

The important thing to be mindful of as a foodie outdoors anywhere in Japan, is that its RUDE to eat whilst walking, running and riding on public transport (except travelling on the Shinkansen “Bullet Train” and some long distance trains). Within the Japanese etiquette it is a custom to be present in respecting the food and not be travelling whilst eating and drinking, which also decreases the risk of potential food and drink accidents.  

"ikkai ichi dousa"

Translation: One thing at a time.


Don't be fooled by the name, the literal translation to english is "melon bread", but it actually doesn't taste of melons at all. The name derived from the cuts on the surface of the bread which looks like the sections of a melon. This alluring aroma of freshly baked and deliciously soft sweet bread is famed amongst young and old across japan, served on its own or filled with a variety of gelato or ice cream flavours (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, matcha, sweet potato and red bean paste). Melonpan-ice America-mura is renowned to be the world's second best freshly baked Melon-Pan Ice Cream.


These small gourmet deep fried skewers with seafood, meat, vegetable or cheese are delicious, and there’s something for everyone. Kushikatsu Daruma restaurant in Shinsekai has been serving these delicates since 1929.


Battered takoyaki douBattered takoyaki dough balls are a light appetiser enjoyed amongst all ages in japan. Filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, then garnished with dried bonita flakes and spring onions. Kogaryu Takoyaki is known by Japanese locals for serving the best version of takoyaki and you can either get to takeaway or eat in upstairs.


These fish-shaped pancakes named after the Japanese red sea-bream, imitating the shape whilst being filled with red bean paste. The outer layer is thin batter and the red paste is made from sweetened azuki beans. Typically there are other popular fillings (cheese, chocolate and custard) but I tried sweet potato which was really nice! Naruto Taiyaki Hompo Sonezaki is amazing serving these mouth-watering snacks, and is within walking distance from Osaka Namba station towards Namba Park and Den-Den town.

Taiyakis filled with red bean paste.


This looks like a souffle meets scotch pancake, but don’t be fooled - This slowly baked dessert is really delicious and comes with a variety of toppings. Yukinoshita Umeda Honten in Doyama - cho is great place to get you hands on one, so pick your flavour and enjoy! 


A Japanese savory pancake that’s cabbage filled with a variety of ingredients and drizzled with mayonnaise. The name was derived from the word okonomi, meaning “what you like" or “how you like", and yaki means "cooked". Mizuno is the most popular okonomiyaki restaurant in the Dotonbori area and with checking out.

Rikuro Ojisan

This larger-than-life fluffy cheesecake is sweet and has a wonderful jiggle, with it’s distinct detailed branding of a jolly “Uncle Rikuro” the chef. After becoming viral on instagram, this  can be found at the front of the very long line of the Rikuro-Ojisan no mise Namba store.


???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

Very important to know disclaimers for anyone who’s got allergies or special dietary requirements when dining in Japan. Also, it’s handy, not to mention polite to know what to “say in the language” to avoid potential confusion or awkwardness.

???? I’ve added emoji’s to help you remember! ????

I am: ????

I am vegan ???? 

Watashi wa bigan desu

I am vegetarian ???????? ???? 

Watashi wa bejitarian

I am lactose intolerant ???????? 

Nyuseihin arerugi ga arimasu 

I can or I eat: ????????‍♀️

 can’t eat fish ????

Sakana ga taberarenai desu 

I can’t eat gluten ????

Guruten ga taberarenai desu 

I can’t drink alcohol ???? ???? “btw: Sake ???? is a rice wine so don't order it”

Arukooru ga nomenai desu

Allergies + Dietary Flags:????????‍♀️

I can eat fish ????

Sakana ga taberareru 

I eat halal ☪️

Haraaru dake taberaremasu 

I eat kosher ✡️ 

Kousha dake taberaremasu 

I can’t: ????

Here’s how to elaborate if you have a specific allergy:

I have an allergy for …

Arerugi ga arimasu 

???? Shellfish = kai

???? Nuts = natsu

???? Egg = tamago

???? Peanuts = pinatsu

????Soy = daizu

???????? ???? Dairy = Nyūseihin

????Wheat = komugi / guruten

Sometimes it helps to ask the person serving what is recommend according to your dietary requirements:

What would you recommend? ????????

Dono tabemono ga osusume des ka?

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