Adventurous Scholar

July 1, 2020

Navigating through the modern world of business and leisure, I would immerse myself in unique experiences that inspire, educate and exhilarate me. Alighting on these candidly and with an open heart, I'd later savour those experiences and fuse them with my expertise to aid connections between the businesses and prospective consumers.

I would source the latest travel incentives, tech trends, events resources, destination ideas and hospitality experiences. I'd get empowerment from designing experiences and draw my inspiration from my surroundings, that's why I'd attend guest speaker seminars, local trade exhibitions, venues and hospitality showcases, festivals, corporate buyer familiarisation trips, international meeting and travel conferences.

And let's not forget, my sabbatical, which was enriching and memorable in so many ways. That was my first-time solo experience that far East, and living and working abroad.

The Radcliffe Camera is a building of Oxford University

So now I'm about to embark on another in-depth adventure, but as a postgraduate scholar, bringing everything I've ever experienced to the challenge.  

And do you know what is so unique about this is?

My interdisciplinary studies will be within International Hospitality, Events and Tourism, adding another dimension to my creativity as I'll be further researching, innovating and establishing concepts as a creator, facilitator, marketer and consumer.

Photo by Wendy van Zyl

September 2020 will still be an unexplored period with social distancing. But I'm still optimistic opportunities will open up and how we interact with each other within these sectors will be more invested in like never before.

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