Wandering Aularian

September 6, 2020

So, let the academic adventures begin!

I never thought my path would lead me here, and to be honest, within these unprecedented times, becoming a student again feels different.

Since 1864, Oxford University Parks is the home for many rare trees, plants and wildlife.

I feel excited, nervous and of course, grateful because now more than ever, things have become more uncertain, so we still can't take everything for granted.

When I completed my undergrad, I was 22, the first in my family to pursue higher education—overcoming financial obstacles and internal barriers of anxiety, dyslexia and personal loss, whilst enduring external microaggressions based on who I am.

Young but determined, I pushed myself to go further, growing beyond the boundaries of my naivety, thinking outside the box in pursuit of following my dreams. Still holding on to hope and surrounding myself with inspiration, love and kindness as the antidote to pain, hatred and suffering. And through the next decade, I explored, discovered and connected, retaining these experiences to shape, refine and establish my purpose.

I would encounter escapades near and further afield, observing, engaging and cultivating my awareness to how these experiences become enriching on our thoughts and behaviours. So, when I would later share my experiences or visually create events inspired by them, I truly underestimated my value and how I impacted others.

Photo by Burst

So, embracing this next chapter as the Adventurous Scholar, brings forth the curious mind, in-depth research and broader collaboration to the helm of these industries. Supporting innovation, creativity and sustainability, as they re-design and uphold their futureproofing, so they can continue to inspire, educate and exhilarate for future generations.

Becoming a real expert in something you're passionate about can take some time of applied practice, significant experience and non-stop appetite for further knowledge. Just remember to keep pushing and have an abundance of fun along the way!

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