September 12, 2020
"I'm as young as I feel, and I feel great!"

Yes, I'm ageing, believe it, it's real.

But these past few years have empowered me to really focus on what truly matters. To know there'll be great, OK, bad and odd days, but there's something to learn about each day. Being present, staying positive and humble, doing what makes me happy and following my dreams. Working hard and living life authentically with love and laughter.

Like life, I have published some of my roughest, stunning and in-between moments to connect, educate and inspire, sharing these experiences in the most amazing places with the most extraordinary people. 

My delicious High Tea in the beautiful Tea Shop

Whether its in-person or digitally, I have crossed paths with each and every one of you and I'm humbly grateful for these experiences as it's made me to the person I am today! 

Thank you all so much, not just for the outpour of birthday messages and gifts from all over the world, but for staying awesome! ❤️

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