Michelin Tori Paitan Soba

November 28, 2020

On my last evening in Japan, I befriended some locals who took me to this ramen hangout off Ginza’s shopping high street. We headed down this  dark alleyway which on instinct felt strange, but we immediately arrived outside this beautifully presented traditional teahouse.


Is this the place? ????

Indeed it is, and entering through the white curtains and timber sliding door we were greeted into an intimate atmosphere filled with warm “irasshaimase” and the full umami aromas. The space was adequately laid out for efficiency amongst the light contemporary decor and relaxed vibes. It’s entirely cashless which is great as it adds to the seamless dining experience.


There’s two ways to take all of this  in and get your fill, you can either sit by the wall facing outwards and enjoy everything on slurp at a time, or you can get a multi-dimensional sensory experience  by immersing yourself right in the heart of the action sitting at the counter facing the open plan kitchen.

Of course we sat at the counter, I love to see all the workings of a dish. 


???? Oishii = “it’s delicious”

I chose the tori paitan soba with chicken, ramen noodles, truffle, radish and greens which was creamy yet blended beautifully with the silky-smooth broth. And to add an extra touch to the experience, there is a guide in front taking you through the steps on how to eat it. ????

Tip: Pairing beverage for this dish is normally water, beer or saké

I was guaranteed one of the finest ramen experiences without breaking the bank, and with Ginza Kagari Honten's Michelin quality dishes from ¥1000. Without a shadow of a doubt, this was one of the best ramen experiences of my entire life! ????

Location: Ginza Kagari Honten – is open every day from 11am–3pm, 5:30–10pm Japanese Standard Time (JST) ???? - Nearest station: Ginza

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