Pork Belly Teriyaki

December 1, 2020

❓Does anyone have a signature dish inspired by their travels?

I know its hard, there's so many to choose from, but I think we can all agree that if we had to pick one of those favourite meals to impress, whether it's for ourselves or hosting others. For me I can honestly say the one out of my favourites I'd go for to rustle up is a Teriyaki dish. ????


Indefinitely one of the Japanese food 101 dishes with colour and flavour to pair with authentic chopsticks. I never can resist as it's so fun, easy and quick to make, and I love to serve it up with some jasmine rice and green vegetables. ???? ????

???? Meshiagare = “bon appétit”

I'd say this is a fun and tasty way to reprise my foodie adventures in the far east. ????

Download the Recipe here.

Now you can give it a try - go on, rustle up this quick and easy Teriyaki dish. ????????‍????

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