Festive Chilli Hot Chocolate

December 7, 2020

So I couldn’t resist in making this one a late post.

What your signature hot drink? ????☕

Whenever Wintertime visits Europe, I take out a thick and festive looking mug, switch on the heat, prepare a rich and creamy batch of Chilli Hot Chocolate. ????

It’s my own spin on the traditional hot chocolate, with an added kick! Heating you up from the inside and out with extra flavour and that tingle to your taste buds. ????

So, what better time to share my this soothing yet tantalising recipe then now? We’re in Winter here, the days are shorter, colder and discouraging and you’re probably planning on spending your nights curled up on the sofa with a delicious hot beverage in hand. Now, you can try my quick and easy cup of love recipe. You’ll wish I shared it sooner!!! ????

Try it – it’s like a hug from the inside”. ????

Download Recipe

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