West Indian Christmas Cake

December 10, 2020

What’s Christmas without some self-indulging cake?

With this West Indian Christmas Cake recipe, you can expect an unusual burst of spicy and sweet flavours that works so well together!

I’ve decided to leave the best recipe for last, and we are making the traditional Christmas Cake, with a twist!

Sounds exciting, I know!!!

With this recipe, you can expect a mix of sugary and spicy flavours such as all-spice, mixed spice, dark rum and brandy! A cake after my own heart!

So, where do you start and how long will this cake take to make?
It’s really an easy recipe, once you have all your ingredients together and in just 90 minutes, you will have a mouth-watering Christmas Cake that serves up to 16 people!

Now the secret to this Christmas Cake is all in the filling! You start by placing all your dry ingredients (mixed fruit) in a jar and then pour the rum over and leave the fruit to macerate for as long as you’ve got.

Santa’s Tip: Santa would definitely approve of this yummy fruit cake! Start soaking the fruit in the rum in good time - weeks or even months ahead is best to make it wet and wonderful!

Then add half of your macerated fruit into a food processor and whiz until smooth.

You will then fold in your smooth fruit mixture into your cake mixture and spoon it into a cake tin.

After baking for 1¼ hours, pour over your brandy and leave to cool in the tin.

Finally, once your cake has cooled down, you can remove it from the tin and keep it wrapped in foil.

Now it’s the moment of truth - time to slice your cake and enjoy a generous slice of heaven!

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