Roast Chicken Reinspired

January 11, 2021

New Year and new feasts to get stuck into. If you're like me, by now the thought, sight or even smell of post-Christmas leftovers is enough to make one recoil in fear whilst fleeing to the fridge or even retreating to takeaway apps to find anything else that's edible just to avoid the 50th serving of repurposed festivities.

So don't panic - I'm all over our favourites, starting with those traditional roast dishes without any guilt whatsoever!

Now I know that this year has already had quite a bit of drama, and it's only the first half of the month, so I thought why not share some more foodie inspo for you to try, share and let me know how you go?

I've put together a few of my own, my friend's all-time favourites that are easy to make, and if you'd like to join in the foodie fun and suggest a recipe, please do reach out!

roast chicken dinner
So let's start with a family favourite, Roast Chicken!
roast chicken dinner
Sharing is caring! Treasured memories of the Sunday Roast Sagas at the Battersea Riverside Flat-share.

I'm now salivating just talking about it!

Finally, let's top these off with an equal pairing - that's right, same drinks and here's a few to help you choose: Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and more, so you're sure to serve up a delicious pairing!

Seasoned Roast Chicken + White Wine Gravy

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When I say family, this extends beyond blood relatives, because such roast dishes are famed to be shared amongst family, friends and broader communities, essentially bringing them closer together!

Not to mention these culinary experiences themselves always handing me that incredible taste of home.

And when it's prepared, cooked and presented in the ideal way, the outcome is oh so flavourful! But we still have to consider the "battle of the tastebuds" when it comes to flavour, heat, tang, moisture and crunch because everyone has different preferences and spice tolerances.

So let me help you out by doubling up these two very different roast chicken recipes, that are really easy to prepare, cook and has always been a hit with guests!

And there's no harm in experimenting with both recipes on two halves of one chicken like i've done in the Sunday Roast photo, or even cooking both recipes on two chickens for larger audiences or appetites!

Sweet N Spicy Roast Chicken

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