Seasoned Lamb Roast

January 15, 2021

This recipe is another to add to your list, its so easygoing but awards the entire senses. The infamous seasoned Lamb, is particularly popular during the Easter holiday, but has been enjoyed any season. We're adding some delicious saffron potatoes and a colourful medley of vegetables, but you're welcome to serve the meat with what you see fit.

This traditional dish was one of the first I had cooked for hosting guests whilst at University. I must have done something right as they've since remained my closest friends, and this dish is at the top of their all-time favourites.

So what better time to start fantasising about roasts than now, right?

What a spread! Treasured memories of another Sunday Roast Sagas at the Battersea Riverside Flat-share.

If you're like me, you probably prefer to shy away from major long and complicated dishes requiring hours and hours of prep and cooking.

Well this is easygoing and is ready in just two 2 hours. You won't be disappointed with the result and will agree this was so worth the short wait as you'll have a fully prepared feast that serves between 6-8 people or a few days for two people.

And you can gladly share this recipe with a friend, neighbour or whoever you want to share these secrets featuring succulent fruit, fresh garlic, fragrant rosemary and more, as this dish will awaken everyone's senses.

So I hope you give this recipe a go and enjoy its deliciousness, as its a major favourite of mine and many of my closest friends!

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