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April 14, 2021
I do enjoy a good hike! Here's one of many stunning outdoor views of New South Wales, Australia.


Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice, I know for sure we will all be trying to find our feet once more. Still, as we all try to navigate the world of travel in a somewhat uncertain climate, there are some valuable tips and information we need to become accustomed to. So let me share with you some insights and tips on how to re-discover this new world.


Well, according to travel forecasters, there will be a surge in staycations. People are increasingly choosing passport-free stays to travel and explore the world, and it is expected to become the new normal. In 2019, a whopping £80 billion was contributed to the economy through domestic tourism in England and this figure is expected to increase exponentially. Since the pandemic hit and lockdown restrictions were enforced, there has been a decrease in travel, and subsequently, the environment has benefitted from this, with global levels of nitrogen dioxide at record lows.

Travellers are also opting for camping and glamping holidays to immerse themselves in nature and abide by social distancing regulations. Nature offers a safe escape and change of scenery and, for some, a new perspective on the world, which has been a blessing in disguise. With the shift in travel, we will also see the emergence of the conscious traveller, which is mindful when travelling, considers the impact of their travels and their journey. They take into account social, political, and environmental factors and have a deep sense of mindfulness. One significant deciding factor for people when travelling is whether their destination and accommodation are safe.

Luckily, countries have identified this and created “travel bubbles”, which are countries that are safe to travel to. Travel bubbles are also known as travel corridors, and corona corridors are an exclusive partnership between two or more countries that have demonstrated success in containing and combating COVID-19 within their borders.

 These countries then re-establish connections by opening their borders and allowing people to travel freely within a zone without undergoing on-arrival quarantine. In Europe, the list of countries that fall within the travel bubble includes: Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, China (subject to confirmation of reciprocity). Some Tips for Travelling in a Post-Covid World while travelling has been regarded as safe for several countries, you should still follow some basic guidelines to remain safe.

Source: rfstudio

Always practice social distancing when travelling, as this will limit your exposure to potentially contracting the virus. Masks are also still considered obligatory in most countries, so always carry your mask with you because different countries have different rules surrounding this. In certain countries, failing to wear a mask could land you a hefty fine or, worse, a jail sentence.

Photo Credit: Klau Varadi

With the vaccine’s availability, some airlines and tours will require you to be vaccinated, while others will only require a negative COVID test that has been taken is no longer than 24 hours before the time you will be boarding. During the pandemic’s peak, many people have unfortunately lost out on airline tickets that were booked in advance and have not received a refund, as per their airline’s regulations.

In order to safeguard yourself and ensure that you don’t lose out on funding to secure your ticket, familiarise yourself with your airlines refund policies and the COVID-19 refund promise which some airlines have in place. After the pandemic, travellers can expect to see a surge in travel prices, with the demand for travel increasing. However, some airlines will try to maintain reduced fees, as long as flight capacity remains low.

Finally, travelling forecasters anticipate that European destinations will be even more popular in 2021 due to ease of travel, direct flights, and a robust healthcare system, making Europe a natural choice for many travellers.


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