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Aus·tra·lia | ö-ˈstrāl-yə, ä-, ə-

: known as Sahul Shelf (technical context) is the smallest of all the continents yet is the only one covered by a single country, has no active volcano and is home to the world's largest eco-system The Great Barrier Reef.
Happy New Beginnings

When is the best time to celebrate the backend of 2020? Well, let me assure you the countdown in waving… Continue reading Happy New Beginnings

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Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport

✵ We are all on our own unique #journey .. So .. #wheretonext .. ????????

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Vivd Sydney Harbour

✵ A city transformed by #light #sound and #colour. In the build up to my last week in Australia, I… Continue reading Vivd Sydney Harbour

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Hamilton Island

✵ Let’s set #sail away from the ordinary and towards our #extraordinary ..

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✵ #Jump into the #weekend like .. 3 weeks to go .. next stop #newzealand .. #packyourbags .. the countdown… Continue reading Whitsundays

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

✵ First in, best #dressed. Spent an afternoon transformed into a #princess from the Ming and Ching #dynasties. Effortlessly gliding… Continue reading Chinese Garden of Friendship

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Manly Beach

Today I indulged my soul on one of Sydney’s most unique northern beaches Manly beachfront hosted an abundance of good… Continue reading Manly Beach

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Hideaway Bay ⇻ Hamilton Island

✵ A place to #rebuild .. Having worked tirelessly for months, I finally took a break and switched the habitual… Continue reading Hideaway Bay ⇻ Hamilton Island

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Parliament of Australia

✵ Now is time for #change .. Australians have a saying: “if you want to make a change, then you… Continue reading Parliament of Australia

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Bronte Beach

✵ #Happy place .. There’s many #interpretations, but for me it’s that unique #feeling I can take anywhere and just… Continue reading Bronte Beach

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