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Aus·tra·lia | ö-ˈstrāl-yə, ä-, ə-

: known as Sahul Shelf (technical context) is the smallest of all the continents yet is the only one covered by a single country, has no active volcano and is home to the world's largest eco-system The Great Barrier Reef.
KPMG Australia

 #Looking at the bigger #picture .. Ever felt like you’ve been constantly #observing something to great a detail, but not […]

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Barrenjoey Lighthouse

✵ #reaching out with #affirmation .. There’s a momentum in the air as I’ve started to sense the effects of my […]

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Three Sisters Echo Point

✵ The greater the #obstacle, the more #glory in overcoming it .. Molière ???? As the French playwright I studied at university so […]

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Wentworth Falls

Having finished my last job earlier than anticipated, I’ve started to use the time away from the professional marketplace to […]

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Empress Falls ⇻ Blue Mountains

✵ Let’s #escape together … ..... ..... Embrace the unknown adventure, there’s new opportunities on the horizon .. ????????‍♀️ ..... […]

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Kirribilli Countdown

✵ #she rises from the ashes .. like a #phoenix ???? ????????‍♀️ Finally resurfaced from taking some downtime.. I can’t […]

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Pyrmont Views

✵ Seasons Greeting ???????? .. Surviving these warmer temperatures with fellow expat explorers at Sydney’s Oprah’s Christmas Picnic ???? ???? […]

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Sydney's Luna Park

✵ There’s #magic everywhere .. As we #transcend amongst the world’s #architectures cultivating our own #path. .Our everlasting journey of […]

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Bondi Beach

✵ Clear view of our evolution .. Tis the season to reflect on ourselves and be ever so grateful for […]

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Jervis Bay

✵ #goodvibes only ???? Celebrating this festive season in warmer surroundings .. super excited but mindful of #sunscreen and #water […]

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