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Aus·tra·lia | ö-ˈstrāl-yə, ä-, ə-

: known as Sahul Shelf (technical context) is the smallest of all the continents yet is the only one covered by a single country, has no active volcano and is home to the world's largest eco-system The Great Barrier Reef.
Royal Randwick ATC

✵ She’s an #athlete ????????????????????❤️ So this phrase definitely resonates with me. Since my arrival in #australia the continuous flow… Continue reading Royal Randwick ATC

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Bondi Beach

✵ #High as a kite .. on #life????☀️ Such a great time these past couple weeks in #sydney and the… Continue reading Bondi Beach

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The Royal Botanic Garden

✵ #Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than… Continue reading The Royal Botanic Garden

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Potts Point in Time

✵ Caught in the #moment .. ???????? A warmer welcoming for this first day of #spring .. Marking my first… Continue reading Potts Point in Time

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Surry Hills

“Nothing is worth more than #laughter .. It is #strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be #light“ -… Continue reading Surry Hills

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Atlas of Adventures

Reading into my #dreams ..

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Melbourne CBD

Wanting to open many different doors? Try a variety of angles! ????????????‍♀️

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Prahran Living

She'll be right .. Ok so this popular expression I am told is used in #australia to emphasise their laidback… Continue reading Prahran Living

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The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

Who are #you? We’re the modern day explorer. The advocate of dreams. The many manifestations of Alice in today’s wonderland.… Continue reading The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

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