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: known as the hidden 8th continent Te Riu-a-Māui (Māori) or Tasmantis as its almost entirely submerged after breaking away from rom Gondwanaland 83–79 million years ago, New Zealand is the largest part of Zealandia that is above sea level and most of the continent’s landmass remains submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean
Franz Josef Glacier

On my winter trip in New Zealand, I simply had to visit one of its many wonders. Behold Franz Josep […]

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Kia Ora Outdoors

Last year I had an early winter experience in New Zealand, and it was a different kind of wonderland I […]

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Mount Cook

#Window seat, please? ✈️???? Whenever I #travel I always want to #view everything, take in every #detail and immerse myself […]

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Lake Ohau

✵ Why so #blue ? Not me, the #newzeland lakes and rivers have a distinctive and beautiful #turquoise like no […]

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Lake Pukaki

Outdoor #inspo .. ???? ???? If this scenery doesn’t get anyone’s senses for #creativity and #mindfulness flowing - I don’t […]

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Cardrona Alpine Resort

#Skiing within a "cooee" of Queenstown???? .. It’s been a few years since I’ve hit the slopes, but with ⛷ […]

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Thunder Creek Falls ⇻ Haast

✵ A #picturesque place to refresh .. Located within the #Haast river valley is this beautifully pristine and powerful #waterfall, […]

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Mirror Lakes ⇻ Milford Sound

These #adventures just keeps getting better and better! ???? Where to next?

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Fiordland National Park

"There are far better things ahead than the ones we left behind" .. C.S. Lewis ???? ????????‍♀️ Having taken the […]

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Milford Sound

"Look with open eyes and you will see the #beauty of the #waterfall" Anthony Hincks

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