Zealandia Coords



: known as the hidden 8th continent Te Riu-a-Māui (Māori) or Tasmantis as its almost entirely submerged after breaking away from rom Gondwanaland 83–79 million years ago, New Zealand is the largest part of Zealandia that is above sea level and most of the continent’s landmass remains submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean
Wanaka Lake

#Beautiful survivor .. The legend of this #willow astounds me, over 100 years old, standing alone in #LakeWanaka . Having […]

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Flying Sky High off Coronet Peak

Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. - Ibn Battuta I've always been an adventurous spirit, […]

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Franz Joseph Glacier

✵ Off to a #snowy start .. ???????? Flew up to the #glacier and I was totally blown away, the […]

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