Happy New Beginnings

December 31, 2020

When is the best time to celebrate the backend of 2020?

Well, let me assure you the countdown in waving goodbye to this year had already started way back when the pandemic sprung upon us. And for many destinations across the southern hemisphere, the New Year's partying fresh into the early hours of our unique beginnings has already been in full swing for some time. ???? 

Of course, part of the usual New Years Eve tradition is ringing in the future with an abundance of bubbly and as it just so happens, New Year's Eve does not only mark the official last day of the year, but it also coincides with National Champagne Day! ???????? 

sipping bubbly
Another reason to raise that sparkling glass in true celebratory fashion, whilst bidding farewell to this momentous and ridiculous year!

We've all faced our own challenges of 2020, albeit it financial, emotional or physical, and we've witnessed how our lives have dramatically changed in an instant.

Kerri Louise staying candid into the New Year in Sydney Australia

With many of us currently tiered up or under lockdown rules and celebrating in our own way, I'm sure that many of us can remember having incredible experiences from past New Year's celebrations. ????

The most extraordinary for me to date was from my Australian adventures. Alone in an unknown environment and sweating in a velvet sequinned dress in the summer humidity, but I was surrounded by others' kindness and vibrant fireworks whilst raising glasses of bubbly. ???????? 

I don't necessarily make New Year's resolutions, but I swore to myself that night that would never stop exploring, no matter how hard things may get, this year has definitely tested my commitment to that. If there was only one thing I would take note from this year, exploring for me is like breathing, and when travel is challenged, I can adapt, explore and still thrive.

Do you believe in New Year's resolutions or are you just one of those go with the flow and see what happens kind of people?

The usual consensus is that such annual resolutions don't really work for most people, and there's this pressure to pick one, which then makes a choice an unrealistic one. Also, people often struggle to maintain or fall off the bandwagon within a couple of weeks because what they chose didn't really fit with them in the first place.

So if you've made, or are looking to make a resolution for 2021, what would make this one different from all the previous years?

Well, however you're moving forward into 2021, I'll continue to send hope and positive vibes your way and may the year be your benchmark for bigger and better things to come! ❤️

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