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Eu·​rope | ˈyür-əp

: known as the peninsula of peninsulas because it’s the largest peninsula bordered by water on all three sides with the Atlantic Ocean to its west, the Arctic Ocean to its north, Asia to its east, and Africa and the Mediterranean and Black seas to its south
Diverse + Delicious: Rooftop Vibes (Oxford)

Rooftop venues have become increasingly popular as people take to heights above ground level to relax and unwind outdoors. With […]

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Diverse + Delicious: Bottomless Brunches (Oxford)

Spring may bring on some sudden rain showers, but that’s no excuse not to enjoy the outdoors and get your […]

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Happy Spring Weekend

HELLO SPRING Longer days, new blooms, and warmer weather have been on the horizon for some time now, and this […]

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Bucket List Ski Regions in Europe

The European ski season falls from late November to late April with the exception of some nordic counties finishing as […]

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Happy Holidays to All

Is it just me, or does anyone feel that they've been blind-sighted by 2020? Understandably, this year has been a […]

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Yes, I'm ageing, believe it, it's real. But these past few years have empowered me to really focus on what […]

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Wandering Aularian

So, let the academic adventures begin! I never thought my path would lead me here, and to be honest, within […]

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Botanical Bathing

If you haven’t had a chance yet - Let me encourage you to visit your public gardens and green spaces […]

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Adventurous Scholar

Navigating through the modern world of business and leisure, I would immerse myself in unique experiences that inspire, educate and […]

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Stepping out of hiatus

Like the new look? Let me know!  Since returning from Japan, I knew that my life would never be the […]

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